Monday, February 14, 2011

[Publicity2-list] America's the style of Heinlein, Rand and Herbert's "Dune"

What happens if budgets and entitlement programs continue to expand? And the U.S. continues its stumble toward insolvency? American society and culture will collapse into a Dark Age. Think it can't happen? SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS: A Novel of Liberty and the Future of America paints the picture. In vivid detail that will stay with you.




SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS is available now through major bookstores, and the Kindle ebook platform. Click on those blue links to order now and read this book—which people will be talking about for months and years to come.


Publishers Weekly has compared SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS to "Frank Herbert's Dune." And here's how describes the story:

a system of warring Cities has replaced the United States. Inside the City walls, people live in material comfort and wealth...controlled by totalitarian governments; outside the City walls lies a wasteland of ignorance and poverty. …The global economy has become harsh and unforgiving. Weak states, measured by an ongoing market in currency exchange, are annexed or absorbed by more powerful neighbors. Regimes changes with brutal efficiency. In this world, the lives of two men intersect. One is a son of privilege—a "Brahmin" from a major City. The other is a member of managerial class of that City—who is falsely accused of financial crimes and banished to the wasteland. Their fates, also connected, will determine the future of the City system...and the prospect of individual liberty in a harsh world.

…In the manner of Ayn Rand and Robert Heinlein, Seamus Branaugh considers current social and political issues through the filter of a dystopian future.


Silver Lake Publishing editorial director Jim Walsh explains why the press—which normally focuses on nonfiction titles—decided to publish SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS:

Sometimes a good story can put contemporary issues into clear perspective more efficiently than several volumes of earnest discussion. That's what we have with this story: Branaugh has written a novel that shows what will happen if the United States continues on its path toward fiscal and political bankruptcy. This is a great tale that shocks readers into realization. If we keep heading in the direction we have, we'll end up with tyranny, poverty, feudalism. And liberty struggling to survive.


SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS is for sale in bookstores everywhere. It's also available at and through the Kindle ebook platform. Click on those blue links to get your copy now…and be one of the first to read this riveting book.



SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS: A Novel of Liberty and the Future of America

Seamus Branaugh

Silver Lake Publishing

594 pages

6" x 9"

Hard cover


ISBN: 978-156343-906-3



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