Tuesday, January 18, 2011

[Publicity2-list] Don't Be Fooled by Bread & Circuses. Protecting Yourself Means Protecting Your Privacy. Here's How...

"Civility" and empty talk about a lunatic's attack on an AZ congresswoman are distractions. More direct risks for you right now are Obamacare's medical databases and Facebook's moves to sell customer information to...anyone. Privacy is getting harder to keep. But you (and the people you care about) can protect your personal data, with this book:

PRACTICAL PRIVACY: How to Keep Your Life and Your Personal Data Out of the Public Information Marketplace has been one of Silver Lake's best-selling consumer books during the past year. The book is available at most major bookstores; it's available online and through various eBook platforms (including amazon.com's Kindle, where it is a category bestseller). But...


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Crooks want people's personal data—but they're not alone. Retailers, schools and government agencies collect more personal information on clients, students and applicants than they admit…and often do a sloppy job of protecting it. (Wikileaks, anyone?)


What can ordinary people do to manage these risks? PRACTICAL PRIVACY has the answers. Readers get the tools they need—in practical, plain English—to keep their personal information private.


Here's the Table of Contents from the book:

Chapter 1: What Is Privacy?

Chapter 2: Cameras, GPS, RFIDs and Physical Privacy

Chapter 3: Privacy on the Internet

Chapter 4: Data Mining

Chapter 5: Telephone Privacy

Chapter 6: Data Brokers—The Invisible Privacy Threat

Chapter 7: Privacy & Government Agencies

Chapter 8: National Identity Cards

Chapter 9: Medical Privacy & HIPAA

Chapter 10: Sex, Lies & Privacy

Chapter 11: The Patriot Act

Chapter 12: Banking & Privacy

Chapter 13: Direct Marketing & Spam

Chapter 14: Privacy in the Workplace

Chapter 15: Travel as a Privacy Issue

Chapter 16: Families, Children & Privacy


Silver Lake Publishing is offering PRACTICAL PRIVACY at a direct-from-the-publisher, better-than-wholesale price:

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Click here to get PRACTICAL PRIVACY at the best prices available anywhere.


PRACTICAL PRIVACY: How to Keep Your Life and Your Personal Data Out of the Public Information Marketplace

270 pages, trade paperback

(4½" x 7¾")

ISBN: 1-56343-799-6

Retail price: $11.95


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