Wednesday, November 10, 2010

[Publicity2-list] The Fed invites inflation. Give people essential financial security info

Economists call it "quantative easing." Bernard Madoff used jargon like that. The economy is on the brink of serious inflation. You can show members, clients and prospects how to avoid losses in a tough economy. While the politicians bicker, give people this financial survival tool:


Buy You Can't Cheat an Honest Man: How Ponzi Schemes and Pyramid Frauds Work and Why They're More Common than Ever for your members, clients and prospects in case quantity (24 books) for $115—that's more than 75 percent off the retail price of $19.95 per book. Use the book as a business developement gift for prospects or preferred customers and you'll earn their loyalty for years.


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You Can't Cheat an Honest Man has been featured in The New York Times coverage of the Bernard Madoff swindle. CBS News and The History Channel have used the book as a primary resource in their documentaries on the scam. CNN has cited the book. It has been a regional bestseller in bookstores and a category bestseller on the Kindle ebook platform.


Here's what one financial planner wrote about the book:

The best client-development gift I've used in years. My business is helping people manage their wealth. And the first step in managing wealth is not giving it away. People are worried about the Madoffs, the Slatkins. Social Security. But they're not sure how those operate. This book explains it.

—Will Hannah, CFP, San Diego, CA.


You can read excerpts from the book on GoogleBooks. And here is the Table of Contents:


Some Background to the Current Situation ...1

Part One: How the Schemes Work

Chapter 1: The Mechanics Are Simple Enough ...19

Chapter 2: Location, Location, Location...Then the Money's Gone ...29

Chapter 3: A Better Mousetrap Makes a Good Scam ...39

Chapter 4: Paying First Class, Traveling Steerage ...49

Chapter 5: 1040-Ponzi ...61

Chapter 6: Sure-thing Investments and Sweetheart Loans ...71

Chapter 7: Precious Metals, Currency and Commodities ...87

Chapter 8: Affinity Scams ...101

Part Two: Why the Schemes Work

Chapter 9: Trust ...117

Chapter 10: Greed ...131

Chapter 11: Family Ties ...141

Chapter 12: Secrecy and Privacy ...155

Chapter 13: Loneliness, Fear and Desperation ...167

Part Three: Contemporary Variations

Chapter 14: Multi-level Marketing ...183

Chapter 15: Faith, Religion and New Age Gurus ...203

Chapter 16: Charities and Not-for-Profit Organizations ...217

Chapter 17: ...231

Part Four: What to Do if You've Been Scammed

Chapter 18: Make Friends with the Regulators ...243

Chapter 19: Go After the People Who Got Money Out ...257

Chapter 20: Go After the Lawyers and Accountants ...273

Chapter 21: Go After Banks and Financiers ...287

Chapter 22: Fight Like Hell in Bankruptcy Court ...305

Conclusion: Social Security...The Mother of All Ponzi Schemes


This offer is the best price anywhere to provide this perennial bestseller to your clients and prospects. Long after these elections are over, they'll remember the book…and they'll remember you.


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You Can't Cheat an Honest Man

How Ponzi Schemes and Pyramid Frauds Work…and Why They're More Common than Ever

ISBN: 978-1-56343-169-6

354 pages

6" x 9"

Trade paperback

Retail price: $19.95

This offer: $4.79



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